Who do I book first, James or the venue ?

We recommend that you would book James first to secure your place, James is in high demand, so we always say book up as soon as you think about having a party.

What age groups does James cover?

James normally says from ages 2-8 years. But no matter the age they will all enjoy the show, even the parents will be laughing away as well.

Most Popular Package ?

The most popular package is our 2 hour party, but we have a range of packages for you too choose from, CLICK HERE.

How much space does James need?

James can fit into most spaces be it a village hall or your living room. No matter how much space there is James will fit in.

How many guests should be invite?

James doesn’t have a limit on how many children you can invite, but we normally say around 30-40 children at a typical children’s party.

Can James perform outside?

Yes that would be no problem but please provide space for james to set up and space for the children to sit as well, but please be prepared to move inside if bad weather occurs.

What areas does James cover?

James is based in Clacton on Sea and covers North Essex, parts of Suffolk and Norfolk.

How should we pay James?

James takes payment by cash only, on the day of the party.